Yoomi Duo makes your iPad more fun


So your iPad is already a fun device by itself, keeping you entertained with a slew of games that will definitely be deemed by some to be traditional “time wasters”. Well, get along with the program already, modern day tablets carry enough processing firepower to prove to be a formidable portable gaming machine. What happens when you want to bring gaming to a more realistic level? This is where the Yoomi Duo comes in.

The $35.99 Yoomi Duo is a new device that will interact with your iPad (and the iPad 2, of course), turning it into an interactive board game which might just be the perfect tonic to bring the whole family together for once without anyone sulking or pulling a long face. All you need to do is place the Duo device on the iPad’s surface, where it will work with a game known as Yoomi. This brings together the digital and real world in a single package. Hopefully other games that roll out in the future will also take advantage of the Duo device so your $35.99 can be stretched further…

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