Lego Play & Build Remote and the Lego Armor Case Starter Kit from Power A

by Mark R

I think we all know that Lego has been influential in the gadget community, and Power A has several products that combine gaming with Lego.

One of them is the Play and Build Remote. We have actually covered this before, and it is essentially a Wiimote with studs on the top for customization.

I’ll talk more about that after the jump, but customization works well for the Lego Armor Case Starter Kit for the DSi. The DSi Case has a top with Lego studs, two Lego game covers, and a stylus with a 2 x 2 Lego brick on top.

It is very clear who Power A is targeting with these gaming accessories. As someone who is a Lego-maniac, I can think of several ways I can incorporate these accessories into Lego projects.

Of course, this would take away the ability to use the controller for the game. The Play & Build Remote comes with a few studless flat pieces for decor, and even has this Lego wrench piece to pry them off. If you want to make something more complex, then you might have to forget about playing Wii for a little while.

It really is up to the user to figure out how to use these with their current pile of pieces. If that is you, then you should be able to get the Play & Build Remote for $39.99 and the Lego Armor Case Starter Kit for $19.99 on the Official Power A website.

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