i handbag is not a movie title

No sir, you don’t expect “i handbag” to be some sort of artsy fartsy movie title, but rather, it will have close connotations with Apple’s famous iOS-powered device – yes, I’m talking about the iPhone. Korean designer Jin-Woog Koo from the Nothing Design Group has a new kind of “handbag” which will target the iPhone toting female population for obvious reasons.
First of all, guys don’t carry handbags, unless they’re doing it for their ladies who need to take a leave of temporary absence to answer nature’s call. Secondly, you know for sure the ladies are going to fall head over heels with the i handbag – after all, it will tote around the iPhone in addition to credit cards, your personal ID and others as long as they can squeeze in, into a chic enamel case.
Thanks to cutouts, you will be able to enjoy some play-through functionality. No idea on whether this idea is going to ever see the light of day, but we will keep our fingers crossed as something this nice clearly deserves a spot as an actual product.