Isostick has identity crisis


When is a USB flash drive an optical drive? Wait a minute here, before you think that I have had a little bit too much to drink, let me explain to you just how such a situation can happen. We’re talking about the Isostick, an idea that needs funding on Kickstarter. This particular device is a memory stick which is capable of converting ISO images into physical, mounted optical drives automatically – it does so by tricking the computer into thinking that way.

The entire process happens in a transparent manner, letting you stash away an image of Ubuntu or Windows on an Isostick, reboot up your machine and boot straight from it. Your computer won’t care that physically it isn’t an optical disk, as it “sees” it as an optical drive.

To sweeten the deal, you are able to cram in as many ISOs as you like onto the Isostick – as long as space permits, of course, limited by the 32GB of memory. Apart from that, a hardware read-only switch is thrown into the mix, letting you flip it if you want to prevent viruses or other malicious programs from messing with your images.

I would think that those who are power users or administrators at the office definitely love the Isostick for what it is. Imagine being able to stash away just about any and every utility and operating system you need on a solitary USB flash drive, without having to tote around discs upon discs. There is also no risk of the disc getting scratched, so that is definitely another incentive.

This convenience comes at a price – the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models will retail for $100, $175 and $225. Anyone wants to contribute their bit over to the Isostick project? There are 24 days left to go, and the Isostick project is short of $3,500 thereabouts as at press time.


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bestyrsofmylife Says: July 30, 2011 at 8:58 am

Great idea but has already been done.

Sandisk came out with a U3 range of drives a few years ago. When you plug it in it automatically runs a start menu program listing the software installed on the drive. It did this by creating a fake optical drive and using the auto run feature not available by default on USB drives. It didn’t take long before someone came up with the “Universal U3 Customizer” a small program that lets you replace the standard iso with any one of your choosing.

If your looking for a new flash drive check out the Sandisk U3 Titanium (there are still some around, 8GB around 24). I still have mine after all these years and its the best I’ve ever owned! plus the thing can survive being run over by a car!

Having said all that id definitely get one of these Isosticks. Wonder if the U3 people will sue though.

Daniel Says: September 23, 2011 at 6:34 am

You cannot boot from a U3 drive as if it were a cd, this is meant more for lets say installing
windows, linux or etc.. from a usb drive on a
system with no cd drive…try formatting and
reinstalling windows on a netbook…this is a godsent for IT. Can boot norton ghost from your keyring!!

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