Hypnocube Animated LED Cube

Sometimes, you just sit right there in front of your computer monitor when there are tons of work piling up right behind you. You are two months behind your mortgage payment, your wife just got laid off, and the car needs an overhaul – quickly. All that stress might result in you stare into space like a zombie, leading to a performance downgrade by your superior for being ‘idle’ at work. Why not get something to stare at for real in the form of the Hypnocube Animated LED Cube? That way, the eagle-eyed boss might just keep his eyes on this cube instead of your non-performance issues and zoned out moments as well. This cube comprises of flashing LED lights inside – all 64 of them, showing off a light show that will certainly mesmerize. Heck, at $99.99 a pop, it might just stop more people in their tracks than a $1,000 handbag. The animated light show is said to run for over 30 minutes without repeating itself once – try watching it and be mesmerized, losing count in the process. Each purchase comes with a power adapter, so when there is a blackout in the area, you would do best to stick to physical tasks around the office since there’s nothing to look at then.]]>