Musical Keyboard Tie


Are you already the livewire at your own and other peoples’ parties? Well, you might want to spruce things up even more with the Musical Keyboard Tie, don’t you think so? The name of this particular techie piece of accessory says it all – and it would make the perfect gift for the musically inclined. This unique necktie will feature touch sensitive keys that is capable of playing 8 different notes. It fastens around your neck with a rather comfortable cord to boot, and just in case you do not want to “surprise” the office by dozing off with it as a pillow, setting off a cacaphony of notes by accident, there is always the On/Off switch that you can manipulate.

The Musical Keyboard Tie is going to cost you $13.98, but no promises that you won’t be the laugh (instead of life) of the party this coming Halloween. Are you game enough to wear something this wacky to the office?

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