The MAUL Semi-Automatic Shotgun for multiple Taser Shootings

I wonder if we are looking at a future where police officers will always use tasers instead of guns. If that is true, then taser technology will have to be much better than they are now. This is probably why the Australian firm Metal Storm and Taser International have created the MAUL. I have no idea what that is an acronym for, but what is more important is what it does: putting out five taser rounds in two seconds. That means you can zap a group of people quite speedily, and it sounds like it lives up to its name. I have no idea if they have eliminated those wires that I see in taser guns, but I have to say that my only experience with tasers come from movies. It reminds me of a science-fiction book that I read once where these soldiers of the future used guns that can shoot a bolt of electricity to stun an opponent. By the way, it was a book that I wrote, and that is all I am going to say about that, at least until my next book comes out. I wonder if I correctly predicted that policemen and other civil defenders will use the MAUL instead of bullets. Only time will tell. Source ]]>

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  1. Hi there – Lee Finniear here (CEO Metal Storm)
    In answer to your question the TASER XREP is wireless – ie it doesnt stay attached by wires to the gun. Instead it carries its own power source and has a range out to 100 feet.
    Thats why we were so excited about it for law enforcement and military use. Combined with the MAUL (Multishot Accessory Underbarrel Launcher) that weighs only 1.6lb, you get a really practical alternative to using lethal force when the target is threatening you from beyond the range of a conventional TASER.

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