Star Wars themed Xbox 360 unveiled at Comic-Con

by Mark R

A while ago, we reported on the rumored new version of the Xbox 360. I think that we all know that a new version is coming, but it wasn’t unveiled at E3 this year.

However, a special edition of the Xbox 360 was just unveiled at the next geek-fest after E3, Comic-Con. I guess that’s as good a convention as any to debut the Kinect Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox 360.

This special edition bundle comes with a console box that looks like R2-D2, and the controller has a gold look like everyone’s favorite protocol droid, C-3PO. It also comes with a white version of the Kinect, but I don’t see the Star Wars influence there. Oh, and it also comes with the new Star Wars Kinect game, as well as Kinect Adventures.

Yes, George Lucas has just made even more money on a Star Wars merchandise. This Xbox has a 320GB hard drive, and it makes some interesting R2-D2 sounds when a game is put in.

For those who are really into Star Wars, then there is an Xbox for that. You can pre-order it for about $449. So far, there isn’t any word if Sony or Nintendo are going to give their consoles the Lucas treatment. I say why not?


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Kevin Says: July 23, 2011 at 12:17 am

There is already a Darth Vader Wii, remember?

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