QuickSmart Stroller folds into backpack

by Mark R

Some of you might be thinking: so QuickSmart invented a stroller that turns into a backpack. So what?

Clearly, you have never been a parent. When you have a young one who needs a stroller, this young one can suddenly get fussy and want out of the stroller. Then you have to watch the young one and the stroller. However, if you could just put the stroller on your back, it would be much easier. (Of course, the young ones usually want back in the stroller at an inconvenient time, but that is a separate issue that QuickSmart can’t solve.)

This also comes in handy when you are taking the stroller through some tough terrain. Say you are at the park, and you want to take a trail. The young one is going to have to do some walking, but the stroller is safely on the back. It weighs about 9 pounds, and I imagine that the parent can access whatever is in the stroller as well.

What is really interesting is that the stroller is pretty advanced with a 5-point harness, canopy, padded seat, footrest, and built-in shopping basket with side pockets.

Now let’s get to the price, it costs about $160 to $194.


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Quinn Martin Says: November 5, 2011 at 9:00 pm

I am amazed at how small this stroller can fold. 9 Pound is nothing to carry on your back. I mean a backpacker can carry 40 pounds for miles on end if need be. So to carry 9 pounds on your back for a stroll in the park would be a breeze…..

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