John’s Phone brings communication back to the basics


Take a look at the smartphone in your hand today, and think back of the handset which you used to use over a decade ago. There was no camera obviously, the screen is a one-liner affair (hello, Ericsson and Motorola!) in monochrome glory. Oh yeah, text messaging was considered to be a high end “feature”, and you certainly can’t play your CDs or cassettes on the phone! John’s Phone rolls back the years, as this back-to-basics handset which comes in white, black and gold shades for 59.99, 69.99 and 84.99, respectively, comes with a pen and book for your contacts.

Yup, that’s right – it is back to the analog road, and your battery life is conserved to do one thing and just one thing only – make and receive calls. There isn’t even a display on this, so just make sure you dial the right number and you’re good to go. Oh yeah, it comes unlocked and will work with just about any SIM card worldwide. If you want your kids to hate you for life, get them the John’s Phone instead of an iPhone.

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