Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game


You’ve played the Angry Birds game on your smartphone so many times with different expansions, hoping to collect three stars from each level and attaining golden eggs in the process. Well, what happens when you’ve done all that and mastered the virtual physics of Angry Birds? Surely there must be more to life than that, right? The answer is correct – you can now chuck your bird for real with the 19.99 Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game.

I first saw this at CES earlier this year, where it isn’t ready to be marketed just yet, but I guess things have changed now as the Angry Birds phenomenon does seem to be slowing down a tad bit – after all, there are only so many ways you can flip a bird, pardon the pun. Bring the Angry Birds to the physical world with this game, where you will draw a scenario from a deck of cards, build the obstacle with green piggies all over the place, while your opponent will attempt to knock down the structure and kill those porkers by catapulting the trio of Angry Birds in his/her possession.

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David Susilo Says: July 21, 2011 at 6:06 pm

That’s expensive. I’ve just bought one locally for only CDN$15. Or you can find it online for US$25 shipped anywhere in the world.

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