Jedibot makes Star Wars gaming impressive, most impressive

by Mark R

While there are no shortage of Star Wars games on the market today, it is always difficult to put a new spin on them. I personally liked the Fleet Commander game that we reported on the other day.

The Fleet Commander game captured the massive starship battles from the movie, but this Jedibot captures the lightsaber battles from the trilogies. The Jedibot allows the user to fight with an automated arm, and it uses a Kinect to detect where the player has his lightsaber.

There is a video of it after the jump. As you can see, it is about is fast as Ben Kenobi or Darth Vader from the first film. Something tells me it will take a while before we get the lightning-fast moves of the prequel trilogy.

This is a project from Grad students at Stanford, and I would imagine that more work needs to happen before it is ready for the Xbox 360.

As I mentioned before, the Jedibot is slow, but when it gets faster, I would imagine that we could have fun as it whacks us in the seat of our pants. Yeah, this thing will have to be pretty durable if we as consumers want to take a hack at it.


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