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For many women, the very thought of shaving their head bald for a noble cause such as raising funds is nothing short of a nightmare – and for them to know that they might end up bald because of some hereditary illness might be deemed to be a fate worse than death. This means companies which churn out hair care products need not worry as they will always have a ready market waiting out there for them. With that, we want to introduce the Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator to the masses.

This device is meant to be worn on the head (where else?), and as the name suggests quite obviously, it needs no hands to work, relying on a similar photo-biostimulation therapy employed by medical professionals. It seems that parting $699.95 for this has a very good reason – it was made by a company that supplies hair rejuvenation technology to physicians.

Using low level laser therapy (LLLT) which delivers pain-free light stimulation for cells in hair follicles, this method will encourage those follicles to repair themselves. Each purchase will deliver five pre-set, 20 to 25-minute treatment programs for both men and women, and it is said that results can be seen in just two months. Anyone given this a go already, and how are the results?

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Barry D Says: July 19, 2011 at 11:45 pm

I am in my first week of using this device. For some reason it provokes sexual arousal.

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