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To hear the name Sony associated with the world of external hard drives is something not everyone has come across – in fact, many of us would be wondering, just what the heck is Sony doing in the world of portable storage? Sure, they have had their fair share of fun with the Memory Stick range, but apart from flash memory, what else do they have on offer?

The order of things seem set to change as the consumer electronics giant has started to bring its first external hard drives to the market in the form of the HD-PG5 series, where these drives are compatible with the BRAVIA TV range as well as other devices from Sony’s catalogue. To know more about what the Sony HD-PG5 is capable of, you can always check out the extended post.

The new Sony HD-PG5 series will have on offer another 500GB of storage space at your disposal – while it is still a far cry from the 1TB and above models that you see on offer by other manufacturers, at least it is a start. Heavy torrent users would definitely welcome this additional space, although I believe that they will fill it up far too easily with the amount of content available these days.

Using USB connectivity, the HD-PG5U will be able to hook up to compatible BRAVIA models, which means you can directly record HD TV programmes from the TV’s tuner or connected cable/satellite service – sounds like the perfect gift for dad who keeps on missing his shows, no? Another advantage is this – there is no need for you to experience a steep learning curve.

Apart from that, the included USB adaptor cable will also pave the way for easy PC-free transfers of video footage from compatible Handycam camcorders with Direct Copy function, where among these include the new DCR-SX21E and DCR-SR21.

You can choose from black or white finishes, where the Sony HD-PG5 will be a snap to tote around at just 180 grams. Placing them beside your PC, BRAVIA TV or PS3 doesn’t matter, it will still look as though it was part of the consumer electronics ecosystem. No idea on pricing as at press time, but it will arrive in the UK, France and Germany from the middle of this month onwards.

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Julie Kothari Says: July 14, 2011 at 9:54 am

I’d love an invite. Thanks!

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