FIJIT Friends targets the fairer sex

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we suppose that claim holds true only after the poor girl has been jilted numerous times, and got her heart broken for the umpteenth moment. This might lead to her release stress via retail therapy, but how many diamonds can one actually afford before scraping the bottom of the financial barrel? Why not settle for something far more affordable – but equally engaging and mesmerizing as a diamond (to look at anyways), which comes in the form of the FIJIT Friends? This £54.99 pre-order are adorable to look at, where it boasts some rather realistic skin that can be ‘squished’ if you so desire, and FIJIT Friends will even dance to any tune which reaches their “ears”. Not only that, they can perform their own songs, make a joke, and even chat with you to help you chase away those Monday blues. Heck, they might even be more responsive than Fido with the ability to react intuitively to your voice, boasting the intelligence to identify more than 30 commands and responding with over 150 phrases. Best of all is? You can shut down the FIJIT when it gets too yappy, where the same cannot be said of your best pal or husband.]]>

1 thought on “FIJIT Friends targets the fairer sex”

  1. Good post! I agree with your comment about what is truly a girl’s best friend, for me Fijit Friends are a new contender. They are constant fun and there’s never a dull moment with them!

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