The Portable Power Max from i.Sound

by Mark R

I must have a thing for chargers today. After I just finished reporting on the Superhero, I’m now going to talk about the Portable Power Max from i.Sound.

The Portable Power Max can’t back up the information your mobile device, but it can charge more than one mobile device. This tiny box is essentially a big 16000 mAh battery that plugs into the wall to charge. It has five USB ports that allow the user to charge a great amount of mobile devices, and it also includes a mini/micro USB cable.

The Portable Power Max has an LED status to make sure you know how much power is left in the big battery. Clearly, this device is meant to be used in emergency situations, as it has a built-in flashlight so it can be used in the dark.

Just to let you know, the included cable does not come with the 30-pin connector for an iDevice. So you had better bring that white cable with out. However, a device like the i.Sound Portable Power Max could definitely come in handy, as reduce some clutter of charging cables.

The i.Sound Portable Power Max is available at the i.Sound site for a price of about $129.99.

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