The Iomega Superhero saves the day for your iPhone

by Mark R

It is either great arrogance or confidence that motivates Iomega to call their backup and charger for the iPhone the Superhero, so I had to see whether or not it lives up to its name.

After all, most superheroes from movies, television, and comic books tend to swoop in and save the day. I suppose that this Superhero saves an iPhone from running out of power at a critical moment. Not only that, it has the ability to back-up photos and contacts on its included 4GB SDcard.

This keeps your photos and other information backed up in a secure place, and makes it easy to transfer this information to a new iPhone in case yours is lost, stolen, or destroyed. You can upgrade the card to more memory if you want to store more photos or data as well.

The Superhero is quite easy to use as the user just puts it in the dock, and a progress bar tells you when the back-up is complete. You will need to download an App for it to work, and you will need iOS 4 as well. At least the App is free.

All in all, the Superhero is a handy place to backup the data on your iPhone, which is needed in an emergency situation. So it really is a superhero, in a way. If you feel that your iPhone is crying out for something like this, head on over to the Iomega website and lay down $54.99.

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