Cars 2 Wii game vs. Mario Kart

I suppose that it can be said that Mario Kart set the standard for racing games, at least on the Wii. As a recent ad for the Blur racing game has shown, one of Mario Kart‘s limitations is that it is too cute of a game. I mean, you shoot turtles and leave banana peels to thwart your enemies, for gosh’s sake.
The video game for Cars 2 follows the Mario Kart formula, and it is clearly designed with younger players in mind. The game requires the player to go through several tedious and sometimes superfluous tutorials before it will allow him or her to even race. What makes Cars 2 different than Mario Kart is the fact that the player can get “energy” through drifting, driving backwards, driving on two wheels. Energy is acquired in order to get turbo boosts of speed.
What makes Cars 2 similar to Mario Kart are the battle races, where it is possible for Lightning McQueen and other other racers to pick up machine guns, missiles, and other spycar weaponry. Considering that much of Cars 2 is devoted to an espionage plotline, this feature ties in with the film quite well.
Cars 2 is just a series of races in various places, and it could have been more of an action/fighting game than the obvious genre of racing. After all, the World of Cars is this world where automobiles are people, and it would be quite cool to rove freely in this interesting world that Pixar created.
Both games are available at any place where Wii games are sold. It is possible to use the Mario Kart racing wheel with Cars 2. Interestingly enough, the Cars 2 player has the option of using the Nunchuk.

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