21-Day Litter Box


Cat owners will know that kitty poop can be quite devastating to one’s nose, and as a dog owner who has had cats in the past, I can vouch for that. Somehow, dog poop seems to smell less putrid than cat poop, but I guess other people with different breeds might beg to differ. To each his/her own, and cat owners might find the 21-Day Litter Box to be heaven sent.

Why do we say that? Well, this litter box is ‘smart’ enough to work for up to three full weeks without requiring any change inside, thanks to the non-clumping litter crystals that are touted to absorb liquid waste and odor immediately, dehydrating solid waste in the process so that the litter is capable of lasting up to three times longer compared to traditional litter.

There is a built-in sensor which detects when the cat leaves the litter box, while the integrated rake will automatically comb through the litter, sweeping solid waste into a receptacle which will then close so that both poop and odor are contained. There is an integrated LCD panel which keeps track of how many times the litter box is used. Too bad it won’t work if there is no juice supplied to this $169.95 purchase.

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