Project Mimicry uses sand to create a virtual landscape

I would imagine that one of the hardest things in real life to imitate in 3D computer graphics is stone.
Some of you might remember the canyons in Cars that looked like fins on an Impala, but what if you really want a more realistic virtual canyon landscape? With Project Mimicry, all you need is sand and a special sensor.
This is one of those technologies that you have to see to believe, which is why included a video after the jump so you can see it in action. You can see the top-down sensor lights that create a most colorful world of sand, and how shaping the sand changes its digital counterpart.
You can see in the video game that Monobanda, the developers of this technology, intend to use their sandbox graphics emulator for gaming. They already have some crazy type of game with bouncing balls, and it looks like it is rigged with an Xbox 360 controller.
I don’t see this technology being used by the gamer to create user-based content. Do you really want a gaming accessory that you have to constantly use a vacuum around after using? Or a sandbox in the middle of the room, for that matter?
Yes, this looks like something that game developers would use, but the technology for Project Mimicry is still “in development”.

Project Mimicry from Monobanda on Vimeo.