Ballistic HC Case gives 5 layers of protection to the iPhone 4

by Mark R

You read this right, your iPhone 4 can have five layers of protection. That’s more than one layer per version of Apple’s phone! Just think, but the time the Ballistic HC comes out for the iPhone 5, the numbers will be even.

We have covered the Ballistic cases before, like the LS last Christmas prior to CES. Right now, I have one beside me that looks like the one in the picture, but it is all black.

Before I talk about it, check out the layers after the jump. It’s quite impressive.

Layer 1 Built in screen protector
Layer 2 Ballistic shock absorbent polymer
Layer 3 Tough impact resistant polycarbonate
Layer 4 An additional layer of our Ballistic shock absorbent polymer
Layer 5 Optional outer layer of silicon, with plugs for all ports

All that, plus it has a durable holster with a rotating clip. Not bad.

In all honesty, it is hard to review this case without mentioning the Otterbox Defender Series for the iPhone 4 that we reviewed about a week ago. They have the polycarbonate and shock absorbent material working for them, and I’m guessing that it allows the iPhone 4 to take a lot of damage. I believe the trademarked slogan is “Designed to Survive Life”. I would imagine that this would help my iPhone survive my most extra-ordinary day.

Right now, it is only for the AT&T iPhone only, and it can be purchased on the Ballistic Case site for about $29.99 in black/pink, black/gray, and black/black.

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