Red Cross sets up donation points via vending machines


Japan is one country where you will be able to see vending machines for just about anything and everything imaginable – within reasonable limits, of course. Forget about just food and drink being dispensed, now there are more vending machines set up in that part of the world that will require you to put in money, but nothing comes out in return save for that warm, fuzzy feeling deep down inside.

What are we talking about? Well, Coca-Cola and the Japanese Red Cross have come up with a new vending machine which allows one to donate money straight to the vending machine. The introduction of the charity button will make it easier for folks who want to send some cash to the Red Cross without having to flip out their credit card or send a cheque. All funds collected will be used to rebuild areas which were hardest hit by the recent disasters in the Land of the Rising Sun.

You cant just dump any amount of money though, but you are given the options of donating either 10 or 100. Of course, just like normal purchases where the buttons light up whenever you insert some dough, the machine will say Thank you very much for the donation loudly, without any drink being sent your way. These units are hard to miss since they have been branded with the iconic red cross, complete with images of the work that the Japan Red Cross are currently working on worldwide.

All money collected until this September will be channeled towards relief efforts of the earthquake, but once September passes, that doesnt mean these vending machines will disappear. No sir, they will remain where they are, firmly in place to continue collecting money for the Red Cross until some new policy is drawn out, I suppose.

Do you feel that some sort of incentive ought to be given in return, such as a thank you note, or a pin badge?


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