Life-sized Pin Pressions makes it even more fun

I’m sure that a lot of you have one of those Pin Pressions things at home, so you can press your hand or face to it and get a metallic and pointillist view of your own body parts. Just imagine yourself being able to go life-size with this type of technology. This is what has been done by Lulu Guinness, who created a giant pin art display, and encouraged people to “Be a Pin Up”. I must admit that is a clever pun that I wouldn’t have thought of. She had this on display as part of Clerkenwell’s Design Week, at the St. John’s Gate in Central London. This was over a month ago, and I’m sad that I wasn’t in London for it. This looks like something that is a whole lot of fun, and I could probably press myself for hours. By the way, I notice that the life-sized pin pressions look like they are wearing no clothes. I guess a life sized version eliminates a lot of detail than the face-sized one on your desk. I wonder if smaller pins could be used, but that could get a little painful. Also, how do you reset this thing? Do you have to get a few people to hold it and then tip so the pins go back to where they were? Leave a comment if you were there and know how they do it. Source]]>

2 thoughts on “Life-sized Pin Pressions makes it even more fun”

  1. an enjoyable game
    I want to try it
    but I was in Indonesia
    when will this game will be on display in Indonesia?
    I will definitely try it
    yes please exhibited in Indonesia

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