Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker makes life sweeter

When it comes to coffee, this is one drink that plenty of us cannot make do without. Just as there are different kinds of beer around that you gulp down the night before, so too, you greet the morning with a variety of beans to suit your palate. Most coffee can be said to be bitter to a certain extent, letting you overdose on sugar if you can’t take the bitterness and yet still want your caffeine fix? Enter the Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker, where the name itself is pretty much self-explanatory.
This coffee maker will brew at 200ºF, which would be the brewing temperature preferred by baristas, where it eliminates bitter tastes and extracts rich, flavorful coffee. Why is this model different from the rest? Well, it heats all of the water to 200º F before it starts the brewing process, helping maintain the temperature throughout the whole process to help do away with bitterness.
No idea on how effective this $149.95 device will cost, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Anyone given it a go, and does it really work? If no, it might end up to be a bitter purchase experience…

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