These big statue heads are stereo speakers

by Mark R

As much as I hated Batman and Robin, the 1997 film that was probably worse in quality than the original 1968 Batman film, I did admire it art direction. In Batman and Robin, the city of Gotham was re-envisioned as a city of giant towers, mixed with gigantic statues.

I had to admit that I liked that aesthetic of gigantic statues mixed with everyday architecture, and you can have it in your home with Richard Grant’s new stereo speakers.

Behind the eyes of these giant heads are the cones of the speaker, and I don’t know how loud of a sound that this delivers. I also don’t know what materials that they are made of, as sources about this item are pretty brief to say the least.

I don’t suppose that they are made of stone. I’m guessing that you would want the sound to carry well, and I am not certain whether or not stone would do such a good job of that.

If you don’t mind having these big heads staring at you all the time, these giant statue head speakers should be available for purchase soon. I don’t seem to have a price for them at the moment.


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