3-in-1 All Terrain Robot


Have some spare time over the weekend that you want to dabble in a robotics project? Well, you can’t really go wrong with the 3-in-1 All Terrain Robot, that’s for sure. After all, it costs a mere 24.99 a pop, where it comes with half a dozen separate caterpillar tracks as well as a choice of three possible models, giving you much more bang for your hard-earned buck than any other robots out there in the market.

You name it – piles of leaves or pebbly beaches, the 3-in-1 All Terrain Robot is capable of traversing through them without missing a beat. You will be able to change between the robots Rover, Forklift or Gripper forms, while the basic wired controller ought to be enough to give you control over just about anything. The caterpillar tracks will make manoeuvring in tight spaces a snap. Just make sure you have a quartet of AA batteries ready to power the wired controller…

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richardo kaka Says: July 4, 2011 at 9:26 am

for a “moving toy” fan it is an interesting toy to buy with all the features that it has, and the price not too expensive. Worth to buy toy I think

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