iball3 helps with your ball control


Wait a minute here – the title might sound a little bit naughty, but rest assured, the iball3 has nothing to do with bedroom antics. This 16.99 purchase is actually a handheld puzzle game that is surprisingly simple, but in its simplicity, it blows you away by being infuriatingly tricky, making it a lethal mental combination which makes it extremely hard to put down.

This tiny blue ball sports half a dozen light-up buttons, where each of them might be red, blue or green. Whenever you press them, they will change their color, although not in a predictable cycle. The whole idea of the game is to figure out just which sequence you should press them in, so that they all transform into the same color. This is one baffling, maddening and thoroughly addictive ball! Powered by a trio of LR44 batteries, you can even submit your high scores to an online leaderboard for that added competitive edge.

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