Spatula Docking Station


Kitchein-meisters would definitely love to have a well-equipped kitchen, and for those who do plenty of frying, you ought to have a spatula collection not to be laughed at. Well, where are you supposed to stash away those spatulas when not in use? Being the organized person that you are, behold, the Spatula Docking Station! This $39.95 purchase is a modular spatula system which will hold up to five of those essential kitchen tools in an organized manner and in a readily accessible stance, taking up a mere 6″ square of countertop space.

Each spatula head will be attached to the included handle, and can be removed with but a button touch – similar to how blade razors work. They will be stashed away neatly in a holder with a footprint which is no larger than a CD case to further help reduce kitchen clutter. You will find three different sized hard plastic spatulas (two with slots and one without), a slotted spoon, and a narrow, flexible silicone spatula in the entire deal.

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