Review of the VueZone System

I have been wanting to try out one of Avaak’s VueZone Systems for a while, and I finally got my wish.
For those who aren’t aware of this technology, VueZone uses tiny cameras that you see to the left of this photo. These cameras are wirelessly synced to the “gateway” that you see on the right of the photo.
All you need to do is set up the cameras, which come with these dome-shaped stands that magnetically lock to the cameras for easy angle adjusting. Once everything is set up, you can view the footage from your computer or the App on iOS or Android.
Of course, it was a slight inconvenience to set up. After I plugged the gateway into my router, turned on the cameras, and set up my account, it didn’t recognize my cameras. At least not at first. Eventually, it kicked into gear, and then I was able to record and take still photos. Sometimes the pictures or videos wouldn’t show up at first, either.
Another downside was that even though I had two cameras, I couldn’t view two footages at once. I’m not certain whether or not my computer is too slow, but it definitely gives me more video surveillance than I had before. That is why I can recommend them, and understand why their network might have some trouble.
It is also a good budget for about $289.95, and there are other cheaper models that with only one camera or lacking motion detection at the VueZone site.

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  1. I have purchased several cameras and gateways over the last 3 years to set up at different locations. In order to do this I have had to set up different E-Mail accounts for each location. No problem, unless you want to change gateways or put cameras from one gateway to another. When a Gateway is “registered” to an E-Mail each camera is registered to that gateway. So once the camera and gateway is registered it is IMPOSSIBLE to mix and match. I spent over 1.5 Hours on their customer service line trying to de-register the gateways and cameras so I could start over again. I finally gave up. I am going to send the new gateways and cameras back to them. I can’t deal with this. If you keep the cameras at the same gateway for ever you might be OK. But if you ever move them around you are out of luck. I cannot deal with these people any longer

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