Prelit Halloween Tree


If you’re the type who loves being early for anything and everything, then the Prelit Halloween Tree would definitely be in the pipeline – assuming you celebrate that holiday, of course. After all, Halloween’s still a long way off in October, but it doesn’t hurt to bring home this $249.99 garden enhancement now, does it? Boasting 240 colored LEDs that are encased in plastic four-leaf blossoms, this metal tree will cast an eerie, orange Halloween glow. The LEDs have been rated to work for 25,000 hours, while the branches and trunk are made from weatherproof metal which are sheathed in a black vinyl wrap that contrasts the orange light.

Standing at 6.5 feet tall, the tree sports 10 branches with pliable tips so that you are able to shape it to replicate the random, natural pattern of a live specimen. With an integrated stand and a quartet of stakes, stability outdoors is more or less ensured – unless, of course, a tornado decides to drop by and say hello. Just make sure you have a power outlet nearby to light this puppy up when the occasion arrives.

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