iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet


The iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet which was first spotted on ThinkGeek as part of their April Fools prank, has finally been turned into flesh thanks to the demand from users who think that it isn’t such a zany idea after all. Being of sturdy built (it needs to be, otherwise who else is it supposed to be able to stand up to the rigors and abuse that arcade cabinets go through out of a player’s frustration at losing?), the iCADE gaming cabinet was specially designed in a retro manner so that it can hold an Apple iPad or its successor, the iPad 2, bringing users back to the good old days when quarters were being fed to the ever hungry machines at a dingy looking local arcade, as you attempted to best the locality’s high score.

According to Ty Liotta, head of ThinkGeeks GeekLabs, We partnered with ION Audio to make our vision of the iCADE a reality. After it was announced as an April Fools Day joke back in 2010, thousands of our customers wanted it and were excited to make it a reality through this partnership.

The iCADE will come across as a desktop-sized arcade game cabinet, where it will boast a fully-functional gamepad that is complete with retro arcade joystick and buttons. Gameplay is a no brainer on this puppy – all you need to do is slide an iPad into the built-in cradle, hook it up to the iCADE via a Bluetooth connection and you’re good to go. The iCADE itself will be powered by a couple of AA batteries, so we would suggest you get rechargeables such as Sanyo Eneloops if you’re going to do a whole lot of gaming on it.

Not only that, the ThinkGeek iCADE will also sport the original April Fools Day retro style graphics that made folks all over the world fall in love with it. With this $99.99 release, expect more downloads and purchases of classic Atari games from the Apple App Store. Atari is also hyped up by this release, having rolled out 100 of its Classic games that are compatible with the iCADE. Atari managed to configure the games for compatibility with the iCADE, where among them include beloved titles such as Pong, Asteroids and Centipede amongst others.

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