The Otterbox Defender Series Case for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2

by Mark R

I’m not certain why we haven’t reported on more products from Otterbox before, but I had a chance to try out the Defender Series of cases.

The Defender Series for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 are very much alike. Each of them have a inner polycarbonate shell with a foam interior, as well as a silicone skin case. They also have snap-on covers that allow you to stand up your iDevices. The one for the iPhone 4 has a clip, and the one for the iPad 2 has something like a kickstand.

These particular cases will definitely protect your favorite iDevice from scratching, as well as absorbing shock. I find it hard to believe that these don’t protect from water, and I can see why the official sites for these products make that disclaimer.

My only complaint is that it is very difficult to get the Defender cases on and off the devices. My thought is this: the best suits of armor can’t be put on like pajamas. Don’t let what I just said put you off, as their tutorial videos are a huge help.

If you are interested in this type of protection, then you can go to the official Otterbox site and get the Defender series for the iPhone 4 for $49.95 and the Defender Series for the iPad 2 for about $89.95. I’ll let you decide whether or not this is a high price to pay for this type of protection.

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anderson Says: June 28, 2011 at 6:02 am

Or just wait a few weeks and get a chinese knockoff from eBay for $5– because thats really all these things are worth.

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