You probably won’t catch me wearing these glasses at the Transformers 3-D movie

The third Transformers film, Dark Side of the Moon, is coming out this week, and it is no surprise that it is in 3-D. Hasbro is all ready for the release with all kinds of toys, and this is one of them, specially made 3-D glasses.
As my headline states, there is no way that I will be wearing in the theater, even though the multiplex charges a price of “renting” them. My son, pictured here, is another story. By the way, these glasses only work on RealD equipped 3-D movies, but the toy does come with red and blue type, as well as a 3-D poster.
You should be able to get this 3D mask for about $9.99 at the Toys R Us site. I couldn’t find it on the Hasbro site, but it is available in Optimus Prime form. Check out the jump for more Transformers action.
For example, Hasbro also has another version of Bumblebee with the Mechtech Leader Class Bumblebee. It looks very similar to the Battle Ops Bumblebee that we reported on a while ago. I have to admit that the sounds are less cooler, and it is just as hard to fold it up into a Camaro. It costs about $44.99 and is available at the Hasbro site.
In addition to the large figure, I recently got to try out some more Transformer toys in both small and medium size. Once again, I wish the Transformers back in the day looked this cool. Check out the Hasbro Toy Shop site and see what you can find if you are a fan.