Kobo eReader Touch Edition now available at Borders

Looking for a new e-book reader to usher in a new revolution at home so that you need not purchase new Billy bookcases from Ikea? Why, getting an e-book reader is the easy part, but choosing the correct one does take more effort than usual. After all, there are quite a few players out there in the market, so to pick up the Kobo eReader Touch Edition from the crowd could be one of the more astute decisions that you have taken so far.
The Kobo eReader Touch Edition is touted to be the perfect choice for consumers who want a book-like reading experience wherever they are, not to mention being on the receiving end of the very best features available without breaking the bank. Borders.com is now taking in orders for the Kobo eReader Touch Edition, alongside other select Borders stores to boot. Retailing for a mere $129.99 (making it $10 more affordable than the next leading device), the new Kobo eReader Touch will make you feel as though you were turning the pages of a real book – although we would advise against staining the corder of the Kobo with your saliva as some are wont to do before turning a page.

You are able to tote around up to 30,000 books thanks to its expandable memory, while a beautiful new design with a signature quilted back makes sure you can enjoy your reading in ultimate comfort. There is also the intuitive one-touch display which makes navigation, reading and shopping a snap, and you don’t even need a rocket science degree to figure it out in the first place.
With black, white, lilac and blue colors to choose from, it is also touted to be the only international device on the market, with German, Spanish and French versions in the works. Readers will soon be able to enjoy a localized user experience, local content, and recommendations. Other hardware specifications include a no-glare 6″ touchscreen display, courtesy of the latest-generation Pearl eInk display, Reading Life for a more social experience, Wi-Fi connectivity to download the latest books sans wires, and access to the Kobo bookstore
Source: Press release