Ice Beer Mug


Do you love taking things literally? That’s what happens when you get Strapya World to roll out the Ice Beer Mug, where you will use (normally water, otherwise using beer or other liquor is going to be a waste of good money) water to freeze into the form of mug. Once that is done, just pour your poison of choice inside, and you will be able to literally enjoy ice cold beer/liquor.

Well, if you don’t drink any alcohol, you can always dispense some juice or tea into the mug for an instantly refreshing and chilling experience. As the mug itself is a carefully crafted ice cube, you need not worry about purchasing more ice. The only caveat? This is one mug that will melt away after a while, taking around 10 minutes to do so – so you had better finish up your drink there and then – even more so when it is summer and you’re outdoors!

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