Aimi Eguchi looks real on screen, but she’s CG

by Mark R

This is Aimi Eguchi, and she is the newest member of AKB48, a Japanese pop group. I have never heard of them, but they recently did a candy commercial, where they introduced Aimi into their ranks.

She certainly gained a quick fanbase, but as it turns out, she is really too good to be true. She is nothing more than an amalgam of the other members of the band.

Seriously, this 150 gigabyte creation is just a CG patchwork creation combining the nose, eyes, mouth, hair, and other facial features of all the members of AKB48. Apparently, there are 61 members in this girl band.

Yes, just imagine if someone took that number of Mrs. Potato Heads, then pick and choose the best features and put them on a new potato. In all honesty, I think this new computer generated lady would have fooled me.

I suppose that I am having flashbacks to the movie S1M0NE, where Al Pacino creates a computer generated actress who becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Considering that the film was written by Andrew Niccol, this makes him two for three for technological prophecies that have come true.

The other movie that Niccol has written was The Truman Show, and we really didn’t listen to its warning about reality TV. I hope that we heed the warnings of one of his other films: Gattaca.


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