Nokia C2-03 announced, ushers in new age for S40 phones


There is a new Series 40-powered feature phone from Nokia known as the Nokia C2-03, where it will merge Dual-SIM functionality with Touch and Type technology. Carrying a couple of SIM cards is getting more and more common these days, but what you need to do is make sure your phone is able to handle more than one SIM card slot so that both numbers can be reached at any one time, and the Nokia C2-03 intends to fulfil that role – with aplomb, I might add.

What makes the Nokia C2-03 so special? Well, for starters this is Nokias third Touch and Type phone and will be the first of its kind that features Dual-SIM. Normally, Dual-SIM phones will need to be switched off while getting the battery removed, in order for the SIM card to be inserted. This time around, the Nokia C2-03 will feature Easy Swap that lets you open the slot on the side of the phone, followed by inserting the new SIM card without having to reboot it at all.

Just in case you happen to have more than a couple of SIM cards, the Nokia C2-03 is more than capable of remembering the settings for up to five separate cards. The moment you have personalized your SIM (through naming it and adjusting its calling settings), you need not have to do so ever again. Measuring a mere 103mm x 51.4mm x 17mm, it will tip the scales at 118 grams. With a standby time of up to 400 hours and a talk time of up to five hours, you will get a display of up to 240 x 320 resolution at 65K colors.

Apart from the above mentioned, what makes the Nokia C2-03 special? It will be one of the few feature phones out there that have Nokia Maps, letting you get to a particularly unfamiliar destination without incurring expensive data charges, and best of all is, there is no need to throw in a GPS chip inside the phone since it will rely on triangulation to get the job done – even delivering turn-by-turn navigation.

The Nokia C2-03 will arrive in India, China, South East Asia Pacific, and Eurasia sometime in Q3 this year, where it will cost 77 prior to taxes and subsidies.

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Simran Says: June 23, 2011 at 1:17 am

when it will come in India..??
and what will be price..??

harry7 Says: June 23, 2011 at 1:56 am

when it is coming in market????

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