SoundRacer Ferrari V12 engine

If you feel that your ride lacks enough ‘oomph’ underneath the hood, then you would do well to get a better paying job so that you can afford a faster car, or to just fork out £29.99 for the SoundRacer Ferrari V12 engine. This will definitely make your vehicle sound like an exotic supercar from Italy, although the only person you would impress would be the visually impaired – at least until they sit in it and wonder how come the acceleration is slower than what they expect.
Recorded from an actual V12 Ferrari, all you need to do is plug it into your cigarette lighter socket and you’re good to go. Just select a frequency, turn up your volume and let your speakers do the “talking” as you enjoy those high-quality revs that will send the adrenaline rushing, all without having to burn more fossil fuel than necessary. Just in case you’ve gotten bored of the same old revs, just hook up a compatible device via its 3.5mm audio socket and you can tune in to your favorite tunes.