Great Geysers lets you pop your own

Love all things science? Then the Great Geysers will definitely interest you – after all, this unique kit will help you build your very own fizzy pop fountains on a step-by-step basis, as you figure out how to create your very own spectacular geyser that can go up to 25 feet high using nothing but ordinary household pop. This is not exactly new, but it does hold the distinction of being one of the better known experiments worldwide.
With the Great Geysers, you are able to perform more than a dozen other exciting reactions which will fizz, froth and foam – as long as you have enough fizzy drinks to go around. If you don’t mind ending up with a huge mess in your backyard, then the £14.99 Great Geysers is just the thing to purchase the next time you wonder what to get for your school going kids. Hey, you can participate in the fun as well, no?