Wattbike helps you keep in shape


So you have been trying to keep to your word of staying in shape after all the feasting, but failed to due to the lack of discipline (not to mention the place you live in actually has some pretty good stuff to munch on round the clock). Apart from getting a gym membership (that will gather dust after a while), there are other ways to shed those pounds – how about getting some form of exercise machine in your home? This is what the Wattbike is all about, being an innovative indoor cycle trainer.

This is actually one of the world’s first affordable indoor bikes which will accurately measure power (Watts). Watt computers are there for a reason – they enable athletes to instantly see how much power (Watts) they are producing compared to just measuring one’s heart rate after a certain amount of time spent on the hamster wheel…sorry, treadmill.

This is actually the first indoor bike that has ever been endorsed by British Cycling, and it sees widespread action by UK and European elite athletes, sports bodies and professional sports teams as being part of their preferred high performance cycle training device. Meant to replicate the sensation of ‘real’ cycling, while delivering accurate, repeatable and comparable results. Basically, they enable the user to train harder within a shorter period of time simply because they enable each session to be tailored to a specific intensity and training goal, doing away with any down time which outdoor riders would encounter in the real world.

With a Wattbike, you are able to analyze and fine tune your cycling technique, monitor and record key performance parameters in real-time at an unprecedented level of accuracy. Best of all is, working on this feels like an actual bicycle, boasting air and magnetic braking systems that enable you to replicate any desired training session, ranging from low intensity recovery riding to maximal intensity sprints.

Get this if you want to look buff – just make sure you have the discipline to follow up on your commitment though.

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