R2-D2 Planetarium shows where the Death Star is

There is something about Star Wars that makes you want to put its iconic images from on Planetariums. There was that the Death Star planetarium that we reported about one year ago, and now there is R2D2.
Just to let you know, you aren’t going to see any holographic images of a galaxy far, far away from a long time ago. In fact, the 2-D projector is mounted on the top of his head, and not that nose-like projector on the side of his dome-shaped head. You won’t be hearing any princesses talking about how you are their only hope.
The R2D2 Planetarium displays about 10,000 stars, but I am not certain how accurate the display truly is. In fact, it shows something that won’t appear on any star charts: the Death Star. Yes, it is the original, fully-formed one from the first movie. You will notice the lack of planets surrounding it.
Not included in this R2 unit is the plans for how to destroy the deadly space station. However, if you take some fighters down into the trench in the middle, you should probably just shoot the exhaust port at the end. Yes, I don’t know why the Death Star designers left in an obvious Achilles heel in their plans, nor why there is a big trench leading right up to it. To me, that is a greater mystery than The Force itself.
This particular astrodroid is available from Sega Toys in Japan for a price of about $85. It should adorn the rooms of Star Wars geeks everywhere.