OtterBox protects Motorola XOOM with its new cover

So you’ve just gotten yourself a brand new Motorola XOOM – what are you supposed to do with it next? Well, there is always the move to purchase some sort of protection for your tablet, and what better name than OtterBox if you want to keep your spanking new Motorola XOOM pristine? Well, there is the new Defender Series case for the Motorola XOOM, where it will deliver an exclusive multi-layer design to keep your investment safe.
The outer layer comprises of a durable silicone skin which has been enhanced with patented “honeycomb” coring, making it specially designed for increased impact resistance. It has an inner layer that comprises of a hi-impact polycarbonate shell that has been lined with memory foam in order to cushion the XOOM from any knocks and drops. To know more about the OtterBox Defender for the Motorola XOOM, read on after the jump.

There is also a removable polycarbonate screen shield that delivers an impenetrable level of protection (reasonably speaking, of course), where it will also double up as a display stand with a couple of viewing angles. You can always make use of one angle while typing notes during a meeting, and the other angle will see action when watching videos while you’re on a trans-Atlantic flight (or any other flight, for that matter).
OtterBox Founder and CEO Curt Richardson is proud to claim, “No other case can withstand the same degree of rough treatment. The Defender Series provides superior protection but also allows complete interaction with the tablet.”
Silicone plugs will ensure the cover the charge, micro USB and HDMI ports in addition to the headphone jack and microSD memory card slot/SIM tray, helping make sure that dirt and dust will remain where it belongs – outside. Even the volume keys are covered by silicone to make sure they are protected. As for the microphones, sensors, camera and flash, these will obviously remain exposed for full functionality.
Bear in mind that this isn’t water resistant in any way, but it sure is tough as nails to get the job done, brushing off scratches and knocks without batting an eyelid.
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