Interactive Story Telling Mirror

It seems like I am always reporting on how the mirrors of the future will be touch-interactive. This Through the Looking Glass mirror takes it one step further.
Designed by Romy van den Broek, this mirror allows children to experience an interactive fairy tale. If you have ever seen one of those interactive storybook iPad apps, then I am guessing that the experience is going to be quite similar.
Right now, they have it set up for Hansel and Gretel, and I am told that two kids can interact with the mirror at the same time. I wonder if they can take advantage of the mirror’s reflective surface, which would be the only difference between this an some sort of storybook app or interactive website.
The technology is done with a highly reflective LCD touchscreen display, and I suppose the idea is to imitate the magical mirrors that are seen in many stories. For example, Harry Potter’s Mirror of Erised, which I just realized is “desire” spelled backwards.
Right now, this is just concept technology, and I’m not certain whether parents would justify the purchase of one of these techno-magical mirrors for their own children. Perhaps one day we will live in an age where all mirrors will be like tablet PCs, and the functions of the Through the Looking Glass mirror will be just another App.