Razer’s new gaming keyboard is made for new Star Wars: The Old Republic game

I suppose that their will always be Star Wars games just like there will always be new Star Wars stories, and a soon-to-be released one is Star Wars: The Old Republic.
When the game gets released from Bioware and LucasArts, Razer will release this Star Wars gaming keyboard. It has a full color LCD track-panel which highly sensitive multi-touch support, perfect for making macros.
Speaking of macros, it also has some tactile keys above the LCD track-panel, just so you can make your move faster. Those keys can somehow change pictures, which is going to make this space-age combat a lot more nifty.
Yeah, I could have written that much better, but just to let you know, the keyboard has a special lighting feature. It can be blue for the Republic, red for the Sith Empire, or green like a lightsaber, so you can customize your keyboard.
I think it is interesting that Razer is putting out this gaming keyboard for this MMO game, and I am wondering if every MMO game is going to have a specially made keyboard. I know that SteelSeries puts out a bunch of them, and I’m wondering why these games just don’t get bundled together with these keyboards.
This one for The Old Republic is the coolest that I have seen, but there is no word on when it will come out, which is the same for the game. Here’s the official site if you are interested.

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  1. I do agree with the lack of the number pad, but they do boast that the touch pad is an LCD screen that can do more than just display emblems of factions (which is cool on its own) I want to know what the more is. Will it be a customisable interface outside the game? Will it come with a profile that turns it into a number pad even  or hopefully tools that will allow people to make third party interfaces for it. Guess I have to patient like I have been for the release date of the actual game. I’ll probably get it eventually even if it was down to just the its cool look and Aurebesh alphabet.

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