MSI ships GT780R and the GX780 in the US


MSI has a couple of gaming notebooks for the masses who are living Stateside – and they are the highly capable GT780R and the GX780, where both of them were developed in partnership with famous gaming peripherals manufacturer, SteelSeries. The notebooks will be no slouch in performance, especially when they offer the newest NVIDIA GeForce graphics processors, in addition to the second-generation Intel Core i7 processor.

Since both the GT780R and GX780 were specially built with gamers in mind (hardcore ones, especially), you will also enjoy a professionally-designed keyboard that ought to bring the gaming experience up another notch. Both notebooks will sport a 17.3″ display which has been optimized for gaming, but we will look into the nitty gritty in the extended post.

First of all, there is the SteelSeries full color backlit keyboard that lets your hands enjoy perfect positioning with keys that ensure your fingers will get to that particular key without being interrupted in any way. Not only that, this rugged keyboard also delivers solid feedback whenever your opponents get slayed at your hand. As for the Power 10 key solution, it is capable of supporting 10 keys being typed simultaneously, ensuring that every single keystroke counts. As for the multicolor LED backlit keyboard, that will boast of 5 programmable modes for you to synchronize the color and rhythm of the backlighting to match that of your game.

As for NVIDIA’s GeForce graphics, the GeForce GTX 560M with 1.5GB memory will see action on the GT780R, while the GX780 will boast of NVIDIA’s GeForce GT555M with 1GB VRAM. You will also find the range of processors inside supporting Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, whereby it allocates processor resources to boost core clock speeds and overall performance. It doesn’t matter which model you pick – either one have core clock speeds of 2.00 GHz.

With a stylish, brushed aluminum textured body that is pleasing on the eyes and yet menacing enough to scare your opponents into submission, you can be sure that getting either model will be able to let you game your way to the top – if you have sufficient skill, that is. The new GT780R and GX780 will retail for $1,749.99 and $1,549.99, respectively.

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