Mili iPhone Projector 2


Ever wished you could share your recent holiday photos with your family and friends, but the iPhone’s display is too small, and neither will the iPad make the cut? Enter the £279.99 Mili iPhone Projector 2, where this unique device has gone through its fair share of improvements, ending up a full 50% slimmer compared to its predecessor, and in addition to that, is deadly silent even when operating so that there won’t be any irritating hum in the background that distracts anyone from your “presentation”.

All you need to do is plug in the iPod/iPhone (or other compatible video output device) and you’re good to go. It is capable of throwing up an image of up to 70″ on any flat surface – best if said surface was white, of course, so that the color will not run or look weird in any way. This LED-driven micro projector can display images of up to VGA resolution (that’s 640 x 480 pixels), where it will also be accompanied by a built-in stereo speaker and an AV slot.

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