The Only Heated Outdoor Cat House


I do get rather skeptical of Hammacher’s claim to some of their products at times, with “The Only Heated Outdoor Cat House” being one of them. Is it truly the only one of its kind in the market? After all, the pet business is an extremely lucrative one, but to lay so bold a claim surely requires family jewels that are large. This is a heated outdoor cat home which will let your felines remain warm and comfortable even when the mercury drops, thanks to a 20-watt heater that is located inside the floor of the house which will generate radiant heat that warms the floor to up to 15º F above the ambient outdoor temperature. While that is nice and warm, it will not scald you (or your cat) in any way. Needless to say, this $129.95 purchase works only when there is electricity channeled to it via an AC outlet.

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