One Touch Photo Dialer


Making a phone call has never been easy, especially for those who can’t quite seem to put a name to a face. Enter the $39.95 One Touch Photo Dialer which will take an unorthodox route when it comes to making a phone call. Relying on easily identifiable pictures, this unique idea will deliver one-touch dialing for commonly called or emergency telephone numbers. This is made possible thanks to individual buttons which measure 1.5″ x 1″, as they can be customized with a picture or symbol. It doesn’t matter who you put there, but for sure you can’t call Osama bin Laden since he’s sleeping with the fishes. Each of the dialer’s dozen buttons can be linked to a different telephone number that is entered via the recessed numeric keypad on the dialer’s underside. Shame this works with a land line only…

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