Ricoh PX takes the rugged route

Ricoh is back with a spanking new digital camera, where this one will be of the rugged variety. We are talking about the Ricoh PX, where it was specially designed to deliver peace of mind as well as hassle-free use, regardless of where you are, anytime of the day (or night), bringing fully dust-, water-, and shock-resistant features right into the palm of your hands.
Of course, what is the whole point of a hardcore handset when it does not have the professional “qualifications” so to speak to back it up? The Ricoh PX will come with a JIS/IEC protection rating equivalent to IP68, which means you can use it underwater for up to an hour at a depth of 3 meters. You can always wash off dirt from the PX whenever itg ets a little bit too dirty for your comfort, and it also frees up your mind since you can take snapshots anywhere without having to worry about rain, splashes, dirt or soil. For more on the Ricoh PX, check it out in the extended post.

With its special impact-resistant design, the camera is capable of withstanding drops from heights of 1.5 meters. The 2.7″ 230k-dot high-contrast LCD display will also comprise of boast of an anti-fingerprint protection coating which will prevent it from getting any scratches, while the anti-reflective coating ensures that the monitor can still be viewed under bright outdoor conditions without having you to squint your eyes.
With a relatively fast startup time of around 1.4 seconds, you should be able to shoot just about any subject in particular without missing a single important moment.
Subject-tracking Autofocus is standard on all models, while the fully-flat design does away with projections to emphasize portability for a camera like this. Since the lens is located at the center of your body, it makes sure no stray fingers will ruin your shots. With it being USB rechargeable, you can always leave it plugged into your notebook to keep it juiced up before arriving at your destination.
Expect the Ricoh PX to retail for $299 when it arrives later this month.
Ricoh PX takes the rugged route“>Press Release