GRilli3D brings 3D to the iDevice

Considering the amount of mobile phones with glasses-free 3D displays being released recently, I’m sure that eventually iDevices will have them. This is assuming that this glasses-free 3D screens aren’t some passing fad.
If you want that 3D effect on your iPhone and iPad now, you can get it with GRilli. I recently saw it work on several different devices, and I was pretty impressed.
It works using this lined decal on the screen on the iDevice that can be easily printed on adhesive transparent sheets. Somehow, putting this thing on can trick the eye into seeing stereoscopic 3D, and it is apparently best in landscape mode.
If you have seen a 3D postcard, then you have seen the effect of the GRilli in a non-digital way. It probably is the closest thing to glasses-free 3D without altering the basic hardware of the device.
The drawback is that the transparent decal is somewhat tough to put on, and you have to make sure that you are seeing “parallel rainbows”.
GRilli is available for the iPod and iPhone for about $14.99, and the $29.99 for the iPad. If it is successful, then I am certain you will be seeing GRill3D on all sorts of devices like TV sets and other brands of tablets of cellphones. You can find out more about it here.